Why does about.com get so many top rankings on Google???

Why do some sites such as about.com get so many top rankings on Google with apparently low value pages that are far from optimized for the ranking phrase?


Getting a top ranking depends on a large number of factors, all of which relate to each other in ways we don’t always know.

It’s almost like our HQ scoring system – where we decide what we think is high quality enough to give a higher weight factor – pluses and minuses.

As for Google – it still is a mystery what their ranking formula is – but – the basic premise is – a web site (domain name) is either GOOD or BAD or some shade in between.

In the case of about.com – they are an AUTHORITY and GOOD in the eyes of Google. They have a history and a good reputation so Google trusts them more than a lot of sites who may actually have better content. They have natural patterns and get top rankings and people click and stay on the pages they click so Google will trust them more than an “unknown” entity.

Some sites have MAGIC and almost any page linked well internally will rank high based on titles and keyword density alone – but over time – they do look to see if other factors are present – so a page may get a temporary #1 based on trust – but eventually be bumped when more deserving pages enter the mix and earn their places.

Site Wide Reputation is at the TOP of the list for sure! And about.com has it! You can get it too – so don’t think they will always outrank your page.

Sites are tops for establishing TRUST FACTORS – but the actual PAGE is important too.

ON PAGE – The page itself – does it have qualtitative factors Google likes?

Keyword in TITLE – Keyword in Heading – proximity of keyword to top of page – keyword density – related keywords on page etc.

Then there is off page – links pointing at the page and site – do they contain the keywords – do they have variety – do they have related keywords in the link text???

Then there is the page that linked to the page – is it a good page? Is it on a GOOD site? Is it a quality page in relation to the keyword being queried??? Is the link on a page that has the keyword in the title etc.

Are there lots of pages linking to the page with the link?

What are the words on the pages linking to the page that is linking to the page… (endless loop)

SPAM FACTORS ruin trust.

Are there any BAD NEIGHBORHOODS linking to the page – er pages – er site(s)?

Are there any broken rules that set off alarms? Spammy links – spam factors etc.

Too many links – too many repeated patterns etc.

If a site has good reputation an INFRACTION might not have an impact or very little impact.

A weaker or newer site with little or no reputation might be impacted very highly by a few simple rules being broken. It’s not trusted – so the slightest sign of spam might drag down a new site and put it in the penalty box.

Trusted sites don’t need to work as hard to get their pages ranking on top.

So – would you say it is important for your sites to earn trust???

YE S – then don’t get caught doing spammy things – it will drag down the site!

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