Have your BLOGS been hacked?

Hey, there is breaking news about a new WordPress Hacking problem which I have experienced myself today.

I want to share info with you on how to fix your sites if you get attacked. Read on!

First, the webinar with Brian G Johnson of Commission Ritual went great and he shared some killer tips on maximizing profits this coming Halloween, plus offered up 15 WordPress themes he had made for Halloween and offered then as a bonus.

The webinar replay and info on the themes is here.

Have your blogs been hacked???

Now, I woke up to a HUGE hassle as I discovered some of my WordPress blogs had been hacked and screwed with. I hate that! Why do people have to do this kind of stuff!

Here is the lowdown.

Apparently on versions of WordPress prior to 2.8.4 there is a vulnerability that allows access as an “additional” yet hidden admin, and as such they can do some damage while in the blog.

As far as I can tell what they did to a few of my personal blogs was screw with permalinks so that the URL’s that Google had indexed went to error pages instead of the proper permalink URLs. They just showed an error page instead. That can be bad as Google has something different indexed.

You’ll find solutions listed at: > HACKED WP Solutions

The page has some info and links on how to fix this stupid stuff. It’s not that hard – but upgrading WordPress is a must and that can be a huge hassle – especially if you have an OLD moldy version like 2.6.3 as I did. Arghhhh!

That’s all for now! Best wishes for success!

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