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Create CONTENT RICH WordPress based sites in a matter of seconds. Blog Slammer’s state-of-the-art content generation engine takes existing seed articles and “spins” them to produce UNIQUE, INDEXED, and RANKING pages.

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Create unlimited backlinks that are on RELATED posts on blogs owned by you. There are literally THOUSANDS of free wordpress blog hosts out there for you to use to generate some links. Don’t waste your money on a Blogger only poster. This will post your links blogs you create out of thousands of free blog hosting sites.

BlogSlammer! creates CONTENT RICH sites based an ANY RSS feed you desire.  But the power is still in it’s ability to add UNIQUE with ever RSS FEED post.  This will set your post apart from thousands of duplicate posts on the same
feed items.

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What Does BlogSlammer! Do?

# 1000’s of  RELEVENT Text Links (Watch Video)
# RSS Content Poster  (Watch Video)
# EBay Affiliate Site Auto Creation
# YouTube Video Blog Auto Creation
# Works on Free WordPress Blog Hosts
# Stand-Alone Content Generation
# Craigslist and Classified Posting And Marketing
# Large Blog Oriented Website Auto Generation
# And Much Much More!

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