Earn Money With Google Adsense and WordPress

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Donna Brancheau:

Implementing Google Adsense as a marketing strategy starts with Google’s WordPress.

While WordPress is mainly a blogging platform, it is also a functional Content Management System, or CMS. WordPress makes it quick and simple to manage the contents of your blog and other sites.

WordPress functions like a word processor using a special administration panel called a dashboard to create and manage posts and pages. You can manage categories and every other part of your site with dashboard.

The customization options for WordPress are nearly unlimited. WordPress users may use any of the thousands of templates or themes that have been developed, many of which include Adsense blocks that optimize your site for a high click through rate. You can thus turn your site into an Adsense website by simply uploading an Adsense-ready theme. You can thus devote more time to developing high-quality posts and articles for your website and blog.

Not only do many themes include link units and Adsense ad units, but they are also often Search Engine Optimized, or SEO, which means the construction is best for a search engine spider to recognize it, and they will also interlink pages so that access is in the correct order.

Pingomatic in WordPress will ping many services every time you create a new entry. With each ping, search engines are informed that your site has new content, so that they can send their spiders to examine it. WordPress can also generate RSS feeds and complete sitemaps.

WordPress’s blogging platform allows visitors to comment on blog posts and other content you produce. This is great as it encourages user interaction and site ‘stickiness’. Don’t overlook the advantage of increased site content each time someone posts a comment.

Thousands of ‘plugins’ are available for WordPress – plugins bring extra functions to your site and are quick and easy to install. One of them automatically turns words into links- a simple but extremely powerful aid for affiliate marketers. That plugin makes it very simple to generate affiliate links and words with which you would like your site to be associated.

Affiliate webmasters and Adsense site operators will love WordPress!

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