WP Spinner – WordPress Plugin That Protects Your Content

Here’s a surefire solution to put unique content on your WordPress blog and publish unique articles to article directories, and never worry about duplicate content ever again. Oh, and you can do A/B split testing as well!

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So you want to permanently solve duplicate content worries? Finally stop worrying about scraper sites and proxy hijacking? Boost the link juice of your backlinks? and get the most income from the ads on your site?

Then you must:

You must:

* Vary the content of a web page in real time so that no two page views of the page display exactly the same content;
* Publish unique articles in different article directories and on different Web 2.0 properties, with each site receiving its own unique copy of the article; and
* Use the same real estate on a page to rotate different ads and over time settle on the highest paying ad.
* Split test different ads and different wording, and over time settle on the best performing alternatives.

If you’re looking for answers then WP Spinner is the right product  your looking for! If you are a serious internet marketer then you’ve found the way to stop other people from stealing your content and hurting your search engine rankings. Start putting unique content on your site today that will remain unique, and start publishing unique articles on the web that the search engines will love.

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If you had the ability to easily and dynamically vary the content of every post and page (and even the header, sidebar, and footer), do you think you’d ever have a problem with duplicates of your content hurting you? The correct answer is a resounding, “No!”

What can Wp Spinner do for you?

With WP Spinner you can do exactly that, dynamically vary the content that’s served up with every single pageview. No pageview ever serves up exactly the same content as the previous pageview or the next pageview.

WP Spinner enables you to use your existing blog as your own 100% free, immensely powerful, and easy-to-use unique article spinner. Over the course of 12 months, that could easily save you more than $1,000!

With your own article spinner, you prepare an article once, and then generate unlimited unique versions forever, with the click of a button.

With WP Spinner running on your blog, the best the proxy hijacker can do is grab one variation of your page content. When Google visits your site and compares it with the scammers’ copy, it’s not the same. Meaning, Google doesn’t think their site is actually your site.

With WP Spinner you can dynamically rotate ads in the same page real estate. Give your visitors different ads in the same spot. It breaks their mental image of your page, they notice something is different, and they look. And if they look, they might click.

With WP Spinner you can dynamically vary anything inside the static HTML of any of the elements of your site.

and lots more!

WP Spinner comes with a detail PDF instruction manual that explains how to use the plugin and how to get the most out of its awesome power. The way WP Spinner works means every single spin of your page shows the viewer content that makes perfect sense and has as perfect grammar as you are capable of writing. No exceptions.

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How Much is this Power Worth to You?

You’re looking at:

* Perpetual unique content on your site;
* Your own free unique article spinner;
* An A/B split tester;
* Potential savings of $1,000 per year on online article spinning service memberships;
* Gaining higher SERPs from higher value article backlinks;
* Protecting your income from scammers; and
* A license to install the plugin on all the WordPress blogs that you own.

You risk absolutely nothing! Grab This WordPress Plugin Now!

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