They Screwed Up WordPress with 2.7

New version of WordPress – 2.7 takes a good thing and makes it unneccessarily complicated to use.

I don’t get it… why the major overhaul? Now I am wasting a ton of time RE learning how to do things in my WordPress blogs.

Why upgrade to get a compeletely different ADMIN layout that puts things in unexpected places.

Some people are angry that the new version of WordPress is SO different it needs a MANUAL in order to figure it out.

Where is MANAGE??? Why do I NOT have a DELETE button right there in the open – why should I have to scroll though a menu to find it???

I mean – there are NO benefits to the major change in layout. It takes time to figure out where things are. Why the need to punish us loyal followers by giving us a new version that does things different that could be done THE SAME way much more efficiently.

2.7 of WordPress is an example of an out of touch developer letting the redesign get out of control to the detriment of users who have found a predictable way to work with the blogging admin functions.

It was not BROKEN – why the need to fix and HIDE things and rearrange the features…

Hey – I’m all for progress. Give me new features and fucntions that help me get things done better and faster and smarter and you can count me in… but change things without giving me obvious benefits and I think you are just jerking my chain.

If anyone at WordPress reads this – please – take a step back and ask yourself – was it really necesary to mess with your users and force them to re-learn how to use the admin and manage functions of the blog???

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