Auto Update Your Websites With WordPress Autoblog

Learn today about websites that update themselves! Take the stress out of creating and maintaining websites…

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What does the book contain?

This book is a comprehensive guide which will enable even new webmasters to create a WordPress Automatically updating blog within minutes.

The book contains all the information, as well as step by step guides and visuals to aid the installation of the blog and the rss feeds, which is where the content will come from.

What is an Autoblog?

An autoblog doesn`t look any different from a normal blog. It requires an RSS feed source, from which it will pull content and automatically update to your chosen blog.

What this means is that within 30 minutes (give or take) even the most inexperienced webmaster can have an autoblog online, ready to receive traffic and gain money.

Creating WordPress Autoblogs!

* How to make WordPress Autoblogs.
* How you can make WordPress Autoblogs work for you.
* The fast way to build your internet empire.
* Sit back and Relax.

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Content is what drives traffic around the internet on a daily basis. One of the main things search engines looks for when delivering results to their searchers, is good quality content, or websites that are regularly updated.

With an auto updating website this becomes completely hassle free, so you can spend valuable time promoting the blog rather than spending many dull hours writing posts.

Creating an Auto Updating Word Press Blog is a great way to promote your related sites, and you could back link, or even pull your own RSS feed to your blog.

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