WordPress Link Cloak To Increase Your Revenue

Link Cloak

Easily disguise and protect your affiliate links to increase your revenue with the WordPress Link Cloak. No empty promises. You may not become a millionaire by using this software, but it will help increase your affiliate income on your WordPress blog!

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WordPress Link Cloak is a practical new plugin for WordPress, designed for both affiliate marketers and bloggers. You can now easily add hundreds, if not thousands of affiliate links to your WordPress blog instantly, adding a whole new stream of revenue. Just as easily (and also automatically) disguise your affiliate links, which helps earn more money by:

* stopping people cheating you out of the commission you deserve

* making your links more enticing to click (would a user rather click through to affiliate.php?id=232 or productnamehere.html? – obviously the latter!)

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WordPress Link Cloak provides:

*      Automatically and easily replace hundreds of keywords and key phrases throughout your blog with affiliate links to earn you money.

*      Disguise these affiliate links to stop people purposely avoiding them and cheating you out of the commission you deserve.

*      Links can be disguised with any extension or no extension at all!

*      Easily backup and restore configuration files, allowing for you to share and transfer your redirection rules.

*      Quickly customize the appearance and style of your affiliate links – either blend them with your other links or make them stand out!

*      Migrate from your old method of cloaking affiliate links with the press of a button!

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When you purchase WordPress Link Cloak you receive...

* the WordPress Link Cloak plugin in zip format, accessed via a members area
* a licence to use the software on as many blogs (that you own) as you want
* guaranteed updates for 2 years (from April 1st 2008)
* free installation if desired
* Instant Access to the members area

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