WordPress Foundations 2.7 Video Course

You Can Now Learn How To Get Your WordPress Blog Up And Running As Quickly As Possible AND Learn How To Customize It By Yourself Without Having To Learn Stuff You Don’t Need To Know!

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One of the biggest fears of creating a website is creating something that looks bad, and coming off as an amateur. As this will DRIVE your customers and visitors away. Another huge fear, was once you have it built, what do you do now? How do you keep it going, how do you make it so people will want to come back and visit your website?

In this exciting new course called WordPress Foundations, your concerns will be address.

WordPress Foundations will  build a strong framework for your website. This will ensure your success, and guarantee that you have a chance in the blogosphere (fancy super geek term for online world).

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Here is what is included in the WordPress Foundations 2.7 Course:

* A detailed step-by-step eBook that spans about 200 pages covering everything you need to know, while walking you through each step, giving you specific advice on how to proceed (as well as exercises).

* Over 5 and a half hours of me personally going through the entire process laid out in the book, explaining each piece of the interface (that matters) and showing you how to accomplish your goals.

Each video in the series starts out with an introduction explaining what the video is about and what you’ll learn.

In addition to the main course, the package includes “The Quick Start Videos” series. This video series cover everything you need to know to get started using WordPress RIGHT NOW. These videos don’t cover how to do design and setup your blog, but it does give you a firm understanding of WordPress as well as the ability to start using WordPress right away (so if you already have a WordPress blog and just can’t figure it out, these videos will kick start
your success).

Inside this module you’ll find the following High Definition training videos:

* 90 MPH Introduction to WordPress – which shows you EVERYTHING you need to do on a daily basis in about 7

* Introduction To Dashboard – This is a very quick introduction to dashboard. How to begin using it and more.
* General Settings – How to setup your general settings
* Write A Post – Learn how to quickly and easily write a post
* Add Images – Learn how to add images to your posts
* Add Video – Learn how to add video to your blog
* Themes – Change the look of your site instantly with themes. Learn exactly how inside this video.
* Widgets – Enhance your blog with widgets, watch this video for a quick introduction.
* Comments – Learn how to handle your comments.

and lots of modules to learn from!

This courses are as user friendly as possible. These courses demystifies what you need to know, makes it very easy, and you will be online in MINUTES.

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