Adsense and Google Analytics – tracking clicks

Tracking Adsense clicks in Google Analytics

Are you tracking Adsense clicks in Google Analytics? If so – we need to talk! This is the thing to do if you want to make more money and find out what pages are getting the most money!

I just ran into a great article that describes how to trackAdsense clicks with Google Analytics.

This would be really helpful to understand. Imagine using the DATA to get more top rankings for the keywords that make the mmost money.

To be honest – I have not paid much attention to Adsense lately – but some of my buddies and also Article Underground members are really killing it big time with Adsense – but the secret is to find out WHICH PAGES are making the money. Then you funnel your traffic to those pages! KABOOM!

If we can find a way to do that on all of our sites – we’ll make more money with Adsense and we can help other people do it too.

What keywords are making you the most money??? We need to know this!

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