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WordPress RSS Widget – My How To Video

WordPress RSS Widget – My How To Video

By Mike • on August 24, 2011

Are you using the RSS Widget on your blogs? You should be! It’s easy and fast and a great way to add some extra words to your pages! The best thing is that if you use a relevant related blog you will have more words to help you get top rankings and free traffic from Google! Hey – if you want to add some good fresh dynamic content to your

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Duplicate listings on Google?

Duplicate listings on Google?

By Mike • on August 18, 2011

To www or not to www – redirects needed! Duplicate listings on Google? Here – look at this solution. That would dillute your effectiveness, right – if 2 identical pages are both indexed by Google for your site…. right??? A common problem for many web sites is that they are linking

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