Panda Farmer Update at Google

Boy – the mainstream media still doesn’t get how we folks are using the internet…

I just read an article at NPR ORG and it made me think deeply about Pandas and Farmers and WEB PUBLISHING. I wrote my own article – but it probably doesn’t live up to the high quality standards of NPR or Google – but hey – it’s from me and I am very clever – so go read my article on Content Farms and Web Publishing and then go read the original one at NPR.

“The change revealed what sites Google thinks you want to read — and what sites it thinks are content farms. “Does an article have spelling or stylistic or factual errors? How well is it edited? Does the article have an excessive number of ads, maybe, that might interfere with the primary content?” Cutts explains.

Though Cutts is cagey when it comes to naming names, other people have. EHow was spared — but Examiner was not, according to one study. The site that pays Maggio $1 an article is almost 80 percent less visible than it was before Google made the change.

And Google continues to tweak its algorithm, implicitly if not explicitly targeting content farms. After another update last week, eHow’s visibility did drop — though by how much is in dispute.”

I doubt that Google is in any real danger – but they are allowed to do algo tweaks on their search engine results. I’m not against that – it’s when people who are doing good things on the net to make a decent living fair and square and they get hurt by sweeping generalizations that I start to think it’s a wicked game they play. They’re certainly more evil in the scheme o things than us “content farmners” or Panda Bears…

By the way – I did not get paid 8 dollars to write this.

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