Pick Relevant Keywords for Your Pages

I can’t stress enough how important keyword research is when you are optimizing your blog to get more top rankings and targetted traffic.

If you want to get a lot of traffic to your blog it is important you pick a good primary target keyword for your site and support it with articles that have related relevant keywords. It’s very easy to do if you know how.

The Google Keyword Tool will show you the results for your MAIN TARGET KEYWORD along with around 800 keywords they think are related. The best ones are at the top!

Simply sort by RELEVANCE and then pick the ones that you want to write about or add content for. You’ll gain more power if the supporting keywords are closely related to your main target keyword.

Google even helps us find the right keywords in the tool!

They’re telling you what they expect and feel are related keywords to your seed keywords you enetred when you searched in the tool.

Give it to them by building pages with those related words and it will help your whole site rank better.

For more tips on getting traffic from lots of keywords read my article How Many Keywords are Bringing Your Site Traffic

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