Big Corps and GOV sites get top rankings galore!

It helps to be a BIG GUY to please Google – but there still is a huge opportunity to get free search engine traffic from Google!

With that new Penguin Algo Update it is very apparent that Google is favoring it’s favorite friends the BIG CORPORATIONS, GOVERNEMENT AGENCIES,, Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic, WebMd and of course big national brands and GIANT AD SPENDERS.

They made it harder for the small guys to compete. Mainly by adjusting the rankings factors and algos that seem to be associated with social signals and “authority”. It doesn’t mean top rankings are out of reach for the small guys, but there is certainly a game of catch up in effect.

Now on the flipside – it does appear that the algo changes that were made impacted smaller sites more than BIG CORPORATE sites. It does seem Google is more concerened about keeping the CORPS happy and on top of their search. Just look at how amazon and stores are now dominating the top 3 results on most longer tail but still “big money” searches.

I was looking for info the other day and the sites I have come to trust to provide me with health info were not to be found.

The top results were all mayo clinic and webmd and .gov sites and also ONLINE STORES selling stuff that had nothing more than PRODUCT links and pictures with hardly any text.

How is that going to satisfy people looking for info? Many of the pages had nothing more than pictures of the product and an add to cart button – not many WORDS.

This algo tweak was a mistake. They went too far with the direction they went. I just hope they recognize this and will want to fix it so more INFO heavy sites get back in the top 10.

Not everybody wants to look at store listings and BUY SOMETHING from a picture they see in STORE when they search on Google.

Lots of people are looking for INFORMATION and NOT just from big corporations!

If you’re wondering there still are great opportunities to get top rankings on Google!

Read more about this HERE and find out how to get back on top with a few good links!

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