Is SEO dead?

There has been a war going on quietly behind the scenes with big brother working to wipe out those that do SEO.

Big Brother is watching Your SEO

Big Brother is watching Your SEO

Is SEO dying as big brother strives to gain even more control of the web???

It has been cited that millions of web sites have recently been deindexed by Google in a major rollout of their new quality algorhitms known as Panda.

This Panda update was pretty massive and affected a lot of sites. Some say over a million.

Who knows how many sites were actually deindexed – but regardless, the numbers were absolutely massive compared to anything we’ve seen the past few years! 

Does this remind you of the message in the Hunger Games?

A shocking display of power was shown similar to this in the “Hunger Games” where freedom of expression was stifled, much like when big brother super serves a priveleged class and holds back the others.

Hey – we need some kind of OCCUPY SEO movement!

It seems that Google is trying to herd all the cattle into the fenced in area to be managed and controlled more easily with the promise of webmaster tools and impressive analytics…

This is disturbing indeed – but is SEO really dead?

No – SEO is not dead.

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It’s not even dying.

But we do need to be aware of changes and act accordingly as the web gets filled with more and more garbage we need to make sure we have quality so we can rise above the rest and survive and even thrive when others fall to the wayside.

You can still make a good living as a web publisher. You just need to adapt to what’s changing and be prepared to boost up the level of quality your sites deliver and you can still thrive!

Did you have any sites that were deindexed by Google?

If yes – you’re not alone!

I did too. Almost everybody out there was affected by this – directly or indirectly.

Not all of my sites were deindexed – but more than I would like.

Most of my good ones are OK like this one.

The highest quality sites survived, with a few casualties that I believe were NOT deserved – but hey – that’s life. You adjust…

Yes it does hurt – but this is not the end of web publishing or using SEO to get free search engine traffic.

Let’s discuss SEO and the Panda Algo Quality Changes affecting millions of web sites which have been deindexed by Google in the name of serving quality to people who search on Google.

It’s very clear… Google does NOT like SEO. They never did. They’re liking it less than ever.

But is it right for Google to try and stop people from doing search engine optimization to gain more traffic?

Does this Panda Quality algo and the recent housecleaning mean that ALL SEO is bad or evil?


I don’t think so – but the forums are buzzing with people passing around all kinds of rumours and misinformation.

Should we listen to some of those brainiacs and immediately stop all efforts to use search engine optimization for increased exposure for our web sites???

Can anyone still gain advantage and get more exposure by doing SEO?

Is it too dangerous and not worth getting deindexed???

Those are the questions of the day as we witness the mass deindexing by Google of millions of sites and web pages who have disappeared from the Google search engine.

Hey, I don’t like spam garbage either, but not everyone that promotes their sites using SEO is spamming Google.

As long as the sites have value – they are not spamming – even if they do what some may call grey hat tactics.

Should we never use SEO techniques for the benefit of getting links to our sites???

Almost every legitimate business, company and or internet marketer on the web with a web site or clients with sites – most likely publishes content on blogs and directories and with press releases and guest posting to news and info sites to get links and traffic.

Are those things bad? Is it evil to do those things?

I don’t think my Mom would be ashamed of me for linking to my own web sites from other sites. There is nothing wrong with doing that.

STEALING is bad.

Link building and SEO —– not bad! 

There is nothing wrong or evil about doing SEO.

BLACK HAT SEO is mostly bad – I can agree on that because it’s based on low quality and automation and in most cases is BAD for the end user.

I agree – that can be pretty bad and is NOT good if you have long term goals in this business.

Google would prefer 100% control – so they try to brainwash people into thinking that anyone who does anything to gain an edge is bad.

That simply isn’t true and you shouldn’t feel bad you are trying to get on top above your competition – as long as what you do is not against the law, evil, unethical or hurts someone.

It’s really more of a matter of what can you do that will get you on top but won’t get you in trouble with Google.

Manipulation in itself is quite a normal thing. We all do things to manipulate our positions and to obtain results we want.

Kids are the greatest example of manipulators! Those little devils – how dare they try to manipulate!

Is it evil for kids to manipulate parents into doing things or buying them what they want? Should they be sent to jail or spanked for trying to manipulate them?

Everyone uses manipulation of some sort to gain an edge. Even Google does stuff like that and manipulates people and situations and custmers as much as they can.

So why should ethical SEO be considered as OFF LIMITS for webmasters to do?

Clean and non-spammy SEO aka search engine optimization helps webmasters get more traffic for free.

That in itself is NOT spamming.

Sure – Google would prefer if we got 100% of our traffic from buying ads on Adwords or banners on their Content Network – instead of from their free search results pages – but face it – that’s a part of the web and a lot of the reason Google rose to success in the first place.

Search results need to be freely available to regular people with web sites!

Regular people without large ad budgets who are not big giant corporations need to be able to get top rankings too – not just Home Depot and the big spenders.

We shouldn’t have to sign up and forego our privacy just to get access to the top of search results pages as Google would want us to do.

While it may be noble for some webmsaters to publicly applaud Google on their new quality algorhitms and Panda quality rollouts – is it smart to suggest all “legitmate sites” be connected to Google webmaster tools and analytics and follow every one of their guidelines and do nothing else that deviates from what Google wants?

The webmaster guidelines themselves are vague.

They are intentionally broad so that webmasters really have no idea what they are doing wrong or being penalized for (if anything).

Are there sites that should NOT be submitted to Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools?

Do you really want every web site you have followed and tracked by Google?

How much do you really trust them to help you and not ever hurt you?

You could be breaking rules and by associating your sites be bringing them to Googles attention.

Is it ok to get links in blogs like this one?

Yes! Of course it is.

Some people are suggesting that you should never link to your sites for the purpose of SEO.

I don’t understand how that could ever be enforced fairly.

All of the biggest companies – even the giant corporations have teams of people who are out link building and social media blasting and so forth.

Is it ok for some priveleged web sites to get away with this – but not everybody is allowed?

It seems that way because when you’re big you can get away with more… big successful sites do things we can’t get away with.

The big guys out there can do link building and SEO because it blurs with all the NATURAL stuff they get from their public relations, marketing departments and by paying for advertising.

If you are small – you need to be more careful because PATTERNS show up when you only do a small number of things.

PATTERNS – that’s a pretty important concept.

I have long said – it’s the PATTERNS that can KILL YOU!

But not all of us have cash to burn on buying ads or hiring social marketers to create buzz for our sites.

Sure – it’d be nice for all of us to have big ad budgets for Adwords, TV commercials and running banners all over the web… but it’s just not prcatical for all of us. We need to do what we can ourselves and with our resources (workers and such).

Is it ok to go to forum and submit something and say – hey come see my site about “my keyword”???

Of course it is. That’s a good way to get people to see you and click on your link and visit your site.

Is it ok to post an article in a blog and have links to your site in it???

Of course it is. as long as the blog is indexed by Google and is relevant to where you send the links – it is 100% ethical to do that.

Yes – some of the automated content syndication and automated spun garbage distribution by some of the blog networks was downright massive and nasty.

But does that mean that getting links from blogs for SEO purposes is wrong or evil or not smart to do as a marketer???

I don’t agree with lumpling all blog networks together as evil and saying don’t ever get links from blog networks.

They best blogs like those included with a Blogging Underground membership offer webmasters an opportunity to publish relevant articles in relevant blogs indexed by Google and get relevant links pointing to their sites.

That is not evil. It’s marketing.

And what about submitting to article directories?

Should all article directories just close down and stop helping webmasters get traffic and links?

There would be nothing left to do if Google had their way as to what SEO was acceptable for them.

Should all blogs stop having comments so no one ever uses comments for spam?

Should newspaper web sites stop syndicating articles because they’re passing around duplicate content?

Should websites that distribute press releases be banned because they’re syndicating the same articles in 1,000’s of places to get noticed by Google?

Should and blogger make all outbound links nofollow so one ever gains benefits from the links or just shut their doors because people use them for SEO purposes?

Maybe Google should just ban all sites like squidoo or hubpages or ezinearticles and pinterest and weebly because lots of people do evil things with them?

Maybe Google should demand that tumblr stop allowing people to reblog because it’s not 100% original?

There are shades of gray. Those sites have value. They should NOT be stopped from doing what they do.

Just because some people do evil things with them – it’s not a reason to mark the whole as the devil.

There is no reason to associate all blogs as bad or all blog networks as only syndicating spun content and ditributing content automatically.

Stop posting articles in blogs? Wow,  that’s crazy advice – if that were good advice than any site that accepts content from the outside should also be off limits and that’s just insane.

User submitted content drives the web and most people do it to gain SEO benefits and more traffic.

If Google forbid all sites that accept content from allowing users from including their links in the BIOS or in submitted articles – the sites would go out of business. No one would bother – at least NOT as many as now.

Syndicating the same crap and just blasting it to a hundred sites with th epush of a button… that’s not the same as posting a good article in a blog with a couple of links.

There is nothing wrong with the concept of submitting articles, guest blogging or posting good quality articles on sites and getting links.

Sure – spam is bad – but you can’t assume everyone is a spammer that tries to promote their sites with smart SEO.

While it seems to make sense to me and you – it’s still not up to us entirely.

We have no choice than to live in harmony with Google if we want their traffic. They’re the boss – we must obey.

But there is a difference between respecting what they want and rolling over and letting them walk all over us.

Don’t stop playing the game because it got a little harder – just play harder yourself.

Do what you need to do that works best for YOU.

A lot of sites were deindexed from Google – that is true – a lot of low value content has been removed from Google so we actually have more opportunities right now if we can embrace focusing on quality more.

If you had a site that was deindexed and you feel it is a good site that has value – I would suggest improving it as best you can – make sure it has original content and something of value on the home page and sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and try to get it back in.

Don’t do crazy things and try to undo everything to please them. Only do what is necessary and in most cases it will be showing value on your home page that will get you back in.

Not fixing bad links or things that may not even be in your control.

Focus on what you do have control of. Your site. Make it better.

What if you had a lot of sites that were deindexed???

If your sites were lacking in value and would require too much work to rebuild them – I’d say let them go. It will be much easier to create new sites from scratch that are high quality from the ground up than to turn a site that was rejected into something that has enough value to get added back.

I’m not saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done. If your site is good and you don’t want to lose it – play the game and do what you can to get it back in.

As for the future – I would suggest creating good looking high value sites with as much original content as you can, sticking with the ethical SEO tactics we know will not get us in trouble.

Avoid autoblogging and auto submission and forum or comment blasting or any kind of robotic stuff that is very obviously low value.

As for links and promotion – you should post articles and get links from the best places you can but be sure to diversify more and not put all your eggs in one basket.

I’ve always said this and it still applies. Do the things that real successful websites do.

Get a few good links like from Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, bookmarking sites and social sites. This kind of real world stuff should be a part of your marketing plan for all sites that fit good with this kind of social buzz building.

It may not be practical for all niches – but most will fit in just fine with having a tumblr blog devoted to it, a Facebook fan page or Twitter account associated with sharing what’s new on the site. That kind of buzz building is getting to be pretty mainstream for all sites these days.

It’s more important than ever to get some good social networking signals coming in from the usual places successful sites have them, as well as carefully creating good quality articles to use on free hosted blogs, blog networks and outside feeder sites so you can get some keyword relevance also coming in to your best pages.

If you neglect these links you may have trouble gaining top rankings. A few go a long way – so there is no need to do any blasting with blogs.

If your site has value and you stick  to doing what we know is ethical and non-spammy you should be able to get back on top without any drastic measures.

Links from pages with good content and relevant words will always have value, so if you can get content on sites that are indexed by Google you should do it. Don’t rely on that 100% – but don’t run away from it because of the false info that has been passed around about blogs is just not true.

Blogs are still great places to post content and get links from if you post good valuable original content. No spinning.

Just don’t do anything robotic and try to do things slower and focused on higher quality and you should be fine.

That’s what I am doing!

If you have lost traffic and exposure on Google because of the new quality algos – just do your best to improve what you can. A lot of the spammers and content garbage distributors have been pushed away and are quitting.

You can pick up some of the slack and get on top of Google faster than before if you keep doing the right things, like getting good quality links from relevant content and doing good SEO stuff to support it.

Simply strive to make your sites have value so they last longer and if ever reviewed by a human will pass the quality test!

Don’t be afraid to do good SEO stuff. It’s not evil. It still works. Just don’t go crazy and you’ll be fine.

People will always gain an advantage by doing things that may be referred to as SEO – it’s NOT evil to do things to gain an advantage over the competition.

There is nothing wrong with good ethical SEO so long as it is not done in a spammy or unethical manner.

Yes – I too want less spun garbage and spam on the web – no argument there – but not everyone who does SEO aka “search engine optimzation” or promotes their sites with articles and press releases etc. is a spammer.

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So – get out there and do some worthwhile stuff. Focus on providing value and giving people something cool! Write good articles and share stuff that people will gain something from.

Do what you can to promote your stuff and stay out of trouble by not going nuts and acting like a robot! You’ll be fine and you can still make a living as a web publisher!

What do you think? Should we stop doing SEO for our websites because that would make Google happy?

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