Afraid of duplicate content?

There is a lot of misinformation out there on what duplicate content is.

Is it an EXACT DUPLICATE or just a partial duplicate?

SIMILAR is better than “exact duplicate content”

I’ve answered the “is there a duplicate content penalty” question so many times so I do realize a lot of people worry about it – but me – I keep it in mind but don’t kill myself to have everything I publish be 100% original.

Hey – the Huff Post and other curated sites aren’t exactly writing brand new original stuff all the time and they syndicate EXACT duplicates too – and they seem to doing ok.

We don’t KNOW specifically what the rules for SEO stuff like this are since they are NOT published. All we can do is try something on a site and if it works do it again and so forth.

There are a million examples of sites that have duplicate content on them that have pages that rank well – so it’s hard to say just using PLR articles or syndicated content that is elsewhere will cause a penalty or be a problem.

Newspapers and many sites syndicate content and they don’t have problems.

Sometimes I will actually use a PLR article as is if I am in a hurry and don’t have problems. Sometimes the pages will even rank high!

That said – it is always smart to rewrite and tweak PLR articles so they are at least a little unique. Add sentences – combine paragraphs from different articles. Put in your own words etc. CURATE like Huff Post does!

And as far as your own sites having lots of pages with the same content – same rule applies – EXACT duplicates are worse than pages that are NOt exactly the same.

The tag and category pages in a WordPress blog may have snippets or even entire articles but the page in whole is NOT identical (most times) .

Having tag and category pages has benefits – the more pages a site has with a link on it (to a degree) means more link juice passed!

Tags and categories help give a few extra links but they do DILLUTE the original
page a little so that page will be harder to rank – but not impossible.

As taught in the Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy and Pages NOT Posts – put your BEST ARTICLES in pages. The reason is pages don’t have TAGS or CATEGORIES and are NOT DILLUTED by any duplicated content.

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