Your Brand – Social Media and Blogging

We all should be conscious that our name is our brand.

Regardless of what you do in life it’s important to make sure your name is not tarnished and connected with things that make you look bad.

If you are an internet marketer that has products and/or promotes products and endorses them – then it is imperative you keep as much control of your name and it’s social signals as possible.

Generally you should have a MASTER ACCOUNT for each important social media and web 2 service for your full proper name or identity. Create acounts with the purpose of cultivating your personal brand and make sure you play it safe with and keep nice and clean.

Social Media accounts can be used for anything you want – but the general idea is to use the ones with your personal identity to only say things and promote things you are comfortable to associate your name with.

If it’s anything dubious or shady then you’ll want to have another identity connected to it.

Much like a ghostwriter or pen name.

If you do not yet have a Twitter account and Facebook account among others – go run and get your name so you have control over your brand. Same goes fro your products. Make sure you have the URL that people would most likely type in to find you or your brands!

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