Are You Ready for a Linking Campaign?

I’m happy to say that if your need links to your websites from articles on domains that are indexed and trusted by Google you will be thrilled at how easy it is as a member of Blogging Underground.

Getting Free Targeted Traffic in 2013 is easy!

It’s easy to get free search engine traffic when you know how!

I hope you are having a great new year so far!

The best way to get quality free targeted web traffic to your sites is by having effective in-content links pointing at your web pages from articles on websites that are indexed and trusted by Google.

This is so easy to do when you are a member of Blogging Underground.

Blogging Underground has a simple Blog Posting Utility that is very similar to the WordPress admin interface.  The “BPU” allows members to access all of the Blogging Underground blogs in one place and quickly and easily post articles instantly.

This is guest posting on steroids, because when you are a member of BU you get to login and post any time you want and get published right away without having to wait for some webmaster to find your email and drag their feet approving your guest post.

Posting with the Blogging Underground Blog Post Utility gives you instant gratification and immediate link juice!

Please watch the video to see the Blog Post Utility in action.

Blogging Underground members are allowed to post articles with up to 2 links in each article.

Each article may be posted one time on the BU network of blogs, however if the content is at least 30% unique it can published again as a new article. It’s easy to modify and add at least 30% original content and makes the links that much more effective!

This insures that there aren’t a bunch of blogs all linking the exact same content and makes the links much more powerful than traditional article syndication such as with ezinearticles or goarticles where identical pages are all linking exactly the same way.

That’s one reason why links in the BU blogs are so effective!

There are a large variety of in-house blogs covering many topics, plus a good number of general content blogs with many categories covering all subjects.

It’s easy to post but there are rules to make sure the blogs are not abused and remain a valuable resource for members.

You can read the Blog Posting Rules at

The FAQ answers a lot of questions

The Power of Links Video has a ton of great info on linking in 2013 and beyond

You will also find a link below the video to a very special offer that will give you a huge stash of PLR Articles which may be used to post in the blogs or on your own websites, newsletters and social media campaigns.

Now is a great time to be a web publisher and get targeted traffic for free from the search engines! The best way to get traffic flowing is by using the network of high quality blogs at Blogging Underground to send some link juice to your web pages!

Stop by and watch the videos! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is when you have the right tools and training at your finger tips!

Best wishes for your online success!

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