Link Removal Requests

Are you as annoyed by people asking you to remove links as I am?

There are scammy “link removal” businesses popping up which are charging people money to “help” them clean up their incoming links by deleting them to supposedly make Google happy.

If you ask me it has gotten out of control and lots of innocent people with links on their sites are now scared by the link removal request emails and are actually wasting time because they are asked to remove links from their pages.

The links are being removed blindly and people are so afraid they are actually paying companies to make the link removal requests for them.

What a scam!

Haven’t people heard that links are good for your rankings?

Google is not trying to help their rankings go up.

Google is trying to scare them so they link less.

My advice is to not react and do things blindly like that.

Google is not telling anyone what links are bad. How do you know? Just get rid of all links?

Also – if we are doing what is needed to get top rankings we should not be listening to advice from Google anyway – they are not trying to help us get higher rankings – they are trying to stop spammers but also SEO people from doing things they know work to get pages ranked higher

If you want to make money and be succesful a big part of it is working effectively on things that will bring you the most return.

That is creating good content on your site(s) and getting good links so more people will find the pages.

By the way – even though it is wasting my time, when people ask me to remove links I will do it – not because I am afraid or think it will help me (or them) but because the last thing I need is someone mad at me. So I do remove links when it is requested but I never reply to the emails. I just remove the links.

The less time I spend on it the better.

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