Video & SEO Marketing Strategies

Why Video Should Be The Backbone To All Your Marketing Strategies

Video & SEO

Video really should be the backbone of all of your marketing strategies because it enhances every single branch of your marketing campaigns. SEO in particular benefits greatly from the presence and power of video. For instance YouTube videos have been impacting the top rungs of the search rankings on Google since 2007 and thanks to its links with Google your videos metadata and social activity can give it such a strong SEO standing that it can rank in the top search positions on Google. Now if this video SEO strength is utilised alongside your current SEO strategy, your search campaign will benefit from both a video and web listing against your keywords and phrases.

Video & Blogging

Blogging campaigns are a great way to get your business seen as a thought leader in your industry and reach out to new users looking for topical stories in your niche. Although when these hot stories break on many sites on the web there’s usually little to differentiate one blog’s story from another, making it difficult to make your post stand out from the crowd.

Adopting a video blogging strategy can give your content a new lease of life and showcase your business to be doing something your competitors aren’t. When it comes to blogs or vlogs, the video blogs are going to speak to and connect with a much wider and more engaged audience, helping to boost your subscribers, blog visitors, video viewership and potentially conversions.

Video & Email Marketing

Email marketing video campaigns used to be a tricky strategy to implement. Luckily nowadays niggling issues and bugs have been amended and now by using a few simple tactics you can improve the success of your email marketing campaigns by using vide

For instance, the simple act of putting “video”, perhaps in capitals and brackets in a subject heading can increase it’s open rate, not to mention using clickable hyperlinked images to send users directly to where your video is hosted. It may seem too straightforward to be true, but simplicity works.

Video & Social Media Marketing

Using video on social media websites as part of your internet marketing strategy is a great way of engaging and connecting with untapped audiences and potential clients. The sphere of social media is very active when it comes to interacting with video content helping to share your video and your marketing message to previously unreachable online users.

The more a video link or any link for that matter is shared and interacted with the stronger it becomes, giving it a higher profile on social media sites and in search engines. This increase in visibility to social audiences will in turn drive my interaction and shares creating an impressive cycle of continuous viewership.

Video & Conversion

Thanks to video gaining your audiences attention should be easy and once you have retained it with entertaining content, you will be able to convert them into that sought after lead. To do this effectively ensure your video has a simple and empowering call to action to direct users from your content to your key online location.

Andy Havard is a Marketing Executive at Skeleton Productions, a UK based corporate video production company.

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