Amazing Amazon Selling Opportunities!

News flash! Amazing selling Machine is coming back!

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback provide a series of live training events that are causing a frenzy! It is called Amazing Selling Machine and is very impressive!

The course is not cheap, but the experience that Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback are sharing is nothing short of incredible. They both have had a large amount of success selling products on Amazon and have created an autopilot system to handle evrything needed to rise above the competition and dominate.

One key component is knowing what to sell on Amazon.

A sampling of their strategies can be found in their free videos. I am not sure how long they will be up – but just in case I have created a page with the links.

Amazing Selling Machine Videos

In their PDF’s linked on the videos they answer the question of what do I sell on AMazon. Here is a sampling of their responses.

A basic principle of business is that if you want to make money quickly & easily, do what’s already being done, just a little better…

W ith Amazon, you don’t need to GUESS what products are selling well and can make lots of money for you, THEY TELL YOU.

If you want to know what the best-selling products related to a home Kitchen are, Amazon tells you…

So, if you want to find a product to sell that’s nearly GUARANTEED to do well, start by looking there (in the best seller lists).

You can get a list of bestselling products for ALL categories on Amazon simply by first going to Amazon, then, clicking on any category and sub-category on the left sidebar, and, lastly, just clicking on the Best Sellers link.

So, now that you have a list of the top 100 bestselling products for a category on Amazon… “How do you choose which product opportunity?”

Here Are 2 Basic Criteria for KILLER Amazon Opportunities:

Price (ideally, $7.00 – $40.00) Private Label Potential

Price simply refers to what the product is being sold for on Amazon.

If a product’s price is too high, it can be cost-prohibitive to order inventory and test the market. If the product’s price is too low, shipping costs can eat up all your profit margin.

So, a rule of thumb when evaluating product opportunities is a good opportunity has a selling price on Amazon that falls between $7.00 and $40.00.

Private label potential refers to this: Can a similar product be easily and inexpensively be labeled or packaged to make it your own?

The more the product fits that description, then the more private label potential (“PLP”) it has.

This is covered in great detail in the videos (linked above).

If this is appealing to you and you decide to invest in Amazing Selling Machine – you should buy it with a bonus. The best bonus for Amazing Selling Machine is at this link. Check it out and make sure you follow the proper link so you can get the $598. value bonus which is perfectly matched to the Amazon Selling strategy!

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