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Broken Link Checker

Get rid of broken links with this free WordPress plugin!

I really love the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin. It’s free which is amazing because a lot of the more sophiistacated special use plugins cost money these days. Ones this good at least! So I am very happy to report it won’t cost you a dime and works amzingly well to clean up the dead links on your blog.

Basically you install the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin in your blog and then once activated it immediately starts scanning all of the links in your blog. Not just posts and pages but also in comments.

Go to Settings and click Link Checker and you’ll soon start seeing the results displayed – ie 76 broken links found.

You can then click on it to get a full report showing a list of the links and sort by the various types – ie broken or redirects etc.

Me, in most cases I will test a few of the broken links to confirm they are dead and then bulk apply the unlink command. Basically all of the selected links will be changed from dead links to just text with NO LINK! How cool is that! So instead of deleting a post or manually going in and changing the code you can simply unlink it all from one central place.

If you have old sites like I do you will love this plugin! Newer sites can use it too – but being able to clean out 100’s of links in an old blog is a great thing. I’m sure Google will love this big time.

Oh and in addition to that you can also schedule how often it will check for dead links. I have it set to 720 hours (every 30 days). It will send an email report at the chosen interval.

Only thing I wish would be implemented better was the ability to list more broken links per page (I think it’s set to 30 per page).

All in all an amazing plugin. Especially since it’s 100% free and works!

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