Best Free Plugins: WordPress Database Backup (aka WP-DB-Backup)

The Best WordPress Plugins (FREE)

WordPress Database Backup (aka WP-DB-Backup)

I’ve been using WordPress Database Backup for a long time and it’s really one of those must have plugins. Install WordPress Database Backup – go to Tools (not Settings) and click “Backup Now” to get your first backup downloaded to your computer.

Then be sure to create a “Scheduled Backup” so you get a weekly or daily backup sent to your email as an attachment. After you click the Schedule Backup button it will show the date of the next backup.

Me, I have a special dedicated email address set up for emailing the backups so I can easily find all my backups in one place. Create a forwarder to your main email account with a unique string like

The only downside to backing up with this plugin is that your mailbox (gmail in my case) will soon be cluttered with a lot of backup emails. Go in and delete a few every month or so.

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