Edublogs – Don’t Waste Your Time

I just found out that a standard free blog on is not able to be indexed by Google.

Yes that is correct. My blog with several really good articles and backlinks was NOT to be found on Google. At least NOT the content.

It appears that in the ADMIN section of my blog under the settings for reading (privacy settings) the section is hard coded to “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”

You can’t change it to allow indexing by Google.

That’s B.S. What a scam.

And the ONLY way to uncheck this option is to UPGRADE and buy a MONTHLY PLAN on Edublogs for $5.95

So I have been wasting my time posting content and links that are not even available on Google. Man – if I didn’t search to verify my articles were being found on Google I would never have caught this.

One more reason that it is a huge time waster to post articles and links on other peoples sites. You just don’t know what they’ll do.

In the case of and – they might delete your blogs like they did mine and others I know.

Now for those of you thinking I had been spammin – think again – these were all good quality blogs with original content. Valuable to people.

Oh well – one more reason for joining a good private blog network that is friendly to marketers is a smart move. You can count on what is being published and that it will help you rank higher.


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