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Light and Beautiful Summer Wedding Dresses

Summer Wedding Dresses

If you are getting married in the summer, like so many other brides, you want to look great without passing out. June is the most popular month for weddings, so it stands to reason that summer wedding dresses are the most common in the stores. Oddly, this is not necessarily the truth. If you look around your bridal store of choice, you may notice that many dresses there look like they are made for winter weddings instead. If you know it is going to be hot when you marry, think about what you should find in a dress so that you are comfortable as well as stylish on your big day.

Heavy materials are the standard for white wedding dresses, but they are not the best idea in the summer. These materials do not breathe like you want them to, leaving you feeling like you are soaking wet under your summer wedding dresses. Unless you marry in the winter, you should pass on the very thick materials and the ones that have heavy extras sown onto the gown. Those can add heft and also heat to a wedding dress very easily. Skip dresses with heavy layers as well.

Instead, look for summer wedding dresses that are made from soft materials that seem lighter than air. You can have layers, but they should be light and airy. Go for dresses that are not up to the neck or down to the wrist if you want a dress that is going to breathe and leave you feeling somewhat comfortable. There may be no dress that feels great in 100 degree weather with high humidity, but anything heavy is going to be your ticket to passing out. If you manage to skip passing out, you are going to be miserable at the very least. If a dress looks like a breeze, it might wear like one too.

Shorter summer wedding dresses may seem like the only way to stay cool, but you can wear a long dress and be okay if you find the right one. As with the rest of the dress, look for something that is light and has very few layers. Remember that even layers of light material can get very hot if there are too many of them. If you want to wear something a bit shorter, keep it below the knee if you are having a formal wedding. You can also get summer wedding dresses that have partially removable skirts so that you can look more formal for the wedding but then can take some off to cool off after the wedding ceremony is over.

Summer wedding dresses should be light and beautiful. If you want to keep your dress looking like this for years to come, make sure you get your dress cleaned and preserved after your wedding day. You may want to save it to remember, or you may want your future daughter to wear it on her wedding day. Whatever the case, a dress that is not cleaned and preserved may yellow with age and the stains that are inevitable are not going to come out very easily if at all. Even if you have no idea what to do with your dress or if you even want to save it, clean it anyway. Someone else may want to wear it and you will be glad that you took the time to have it done.