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The Best Sports Bra out there

The Best Sports Bra out there – in both the High and Low Tech

If you are a woman and if you have ever slipped your shoes on and tried pounding the pavement, casually or with serious intent, it’s pretty much undeniable the kind of discomfort you feel with all the jiggling and swinging your breasts experience – even if you’re not overweight, and your bust does not tend towards the larger sizes. Every fitness column will tell a woman to choose exercise, as if laziness or a lack of resolve were the only reasons women did not get down to it. If you have more than a small amount of fat or cellulite on your thighs or your behind, the distinct regular swing of every independent part of the body as you bob up and down with your running rhythm, can be extremely uncomfortable, and often even painful. Researchers do know that when a woman’s body moves rhythmically, her breasts basically, move independently in a double-loop figure-8 pattern – no matter what size they be. Le Labyrinthe La Terre brulee Streaming

Research in areas to do with women’s health dosn’t usually ever lead the field; healthcare concerns to do with women are usually investigated last of all. While the major women’s undergarment businesses busied themselves making lacy stuff for women for decades and ignoring the existence of a potential area of development in sports underwear, it fell to two lone unassisted sports enthusiasts in the 70s to actually think of a way to personally overcome the problem they faced. What they did was, they sewed a couple of jockstraps together to wear stretched tightly over their runaway busts. Their idea was so successful, Sara Lee bought them out.

The idea has caught on today; but no one seems to be quite in agreement over what makes the best sports bra. In a world that tries to inject technology into everything – NASA-designed pillows , scientifically-manufactured $25,000 mattresses and $2000 running shoes, it’s only fair to expect that they found something space-age to design the best sports bra with. Let’s look at some of the top models out there; but if they seem too expensive or not effective enough, you always have the option of wearing two inexpensive bras one on top of the other. Women usually find that when they wear two cheap ones – one, an encapsulation bra that helps reduce movement by using two cups, and another on top that compresses their breasts, it works better than the best sports bra models you could pay $75 for.

But if it is the science that grabs you the most, let’s do a quick run down of the best scientifically designed sports bras there are for women out there who have the greatest trouble finding a good in a larger-sized sports bra.

The Champion Powerlite Empire Tech tank top is a pretty original design. The bra itself has a double layer for added grasp. The effect is one of the best I’ve seen. The Saucony Motion Sensor bra is made of spandex blend, it looks no-nonsense and powerful. It actually works very well for many women. The Shock Absorber Support Level 3 sports bra kind of looks like a wired set, and is perfect for very high levels of motion. And the last one – the FreeMotion Fitness Sport Tank 5.6 has to be pretty hard-core – it has an actual version number in the model name. It is a shelf bra built into a tank top. Somehow it gets you feeling well taken care of, without getting you feeling like you are in a corset. It’s something no other model I’ve ever seen has been able to do, and it’s the best sports bra out there for larger sizes, in my book.

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