Were you birthed in the summer? Love the beach? A Luau style birthday celebration party can bring the sunlight inside for an enjoyable theme every person will delight in!

As visitors arrive, have them posture for photos in a Hula dancing photo stand! After that, give the guys straw hats to put on as well as give the girls hula skirts to dance the evening away! You can’t have a luau without bouquets either! Having these party items for your visitors right at the entrance to the party will ensure that your guests are in the state of mind for your luau celebration right from the start.for sweet sixteen event if you wish to bring in photobooth, we recommend you to call this PHOTOBOOTH RENTALS PHOTO GALLERY nj solution

Luau Celebration Decorations and Materials You Will certainly Need:

Luau Celebration Invitations

Present the motif with your invitations by choosing a “message in a container”, bouquet or Tiki torch style. Make sure to consist of:

Expected Dress
What to bring
RSVP information
Luau Party Themed Decorations Ideas

teenagers doing limbo on the beach at luau style party

When your guests arrive to the party you want to make sure your visitors know they’re in the right place. Having a luau themed party sign and a grass doorway can be a great way for guests to know they are in the right place. Transform your party room or backyard into a Tiki Island by making use of themed decorations that come in kits that make it easy to transform the entire space quickly and cost effectively.

Cover your walls in bamboo as well as develop a “falls” in one corner making use of dark blue gossamer fabric. Having actually a fan intended up at the textile could create a moving water sort of result.

Add a grass skirt to all your tables, or transform them into Tiki huts. Strand tropical lights all throughout your party area, or make your room look like you’re partying on a watercraft
Make use of an inflatable palm tree colder, so even your drinks match the theme!

Create a palm tree balloon arc over your cake or gift table so it to becomes a focal point.
Usage coconut votive holders or tiki torches on your tables, and make certain you have Pleasant 16 paper napkins to match!

Rent tinted lighting to rapidly decorate, add shade, as well as illuminate your space creating a luau motif really feel.

Luau Party Activities and also Games

tiki mugs neon red orange blue green blacklight responsive coastline theme party

The activities that can be done at a Luau make it the ideal option for a huge party! You can accomodate a a great deal of guests or scale them down for a smaller more intimate celebration. Some of the best luau activities and games are:

The limbo
Take a whack at a piAata
Play the ukulele
Bowling with pineapples

Luau Theme Party Food

Food at a luau traditionally is based on food that can be found on islands. You want to make sure that you have food for all your guests so that everyone has something that they want to eat. Some great food that you could have at your party may be:

Porker roast
Fried shrimp
Chicken fingers
Poultry skewers
Fish tacos
Teriyaki poultry
Rice bowls
Plantain chips
After the Event

bulk plastic leis for beach partyDon’t neglect to send thank you notes as well as keep them with the theme. If you have a photographer or take images at the event send out photos of you with the person you are sending thank you notes for an also more personalized thank you. If you take a large group photo of everyone at the event it could be an excellent way to send that image out with your thank you to make sure that everyone can have a keepsake to keep in mind the event by.