Poopdoc for natural constipation relief of the colon

5 Major Ways to Cleanse Your Colon of harmful bacteria,
toxic buildup and get the relief you need

Colon Hydrotherapy (colonic irrigations) – usually performed by professionals or best results and as you can imagine, this is no picnic in the park. Constipation relief

Enemas – typically only removes material from the lower part of the colon (last 8-12 inches) and does not address the compaction problem. Constipation relief

Herbal Supplements – while supplements can be effective in bowel emptying, they are not effective in fully cleansing the bowel, removing much of the toxic waste, or improving the health of the good bacteria in the colon. These types of products cause contraction but they do not internally cleanse which is necessary for a long term solution to the problem. Constipation relief

Laxatives – Laxatives are used as temporary treatments of constipation. While they are sometimes effective at helping you out, they do not cleanse. They don’t touch the compaction problem either which is the most troubling to resolve. Further, there are serious complications and side effects including dehydration and loss of muscle around the colon lining. Constipation relief

If you want to treat temporary blockage, a laxative may be helpful. If you want to experience the benefits of a proper colon cleanse or have mild or chronic constipation, however, they won’t be of much use to you.

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