Internet Marketing For Small Business

Why You Need Internet Marketing For Your Small Business

Studies have shown that Internet marketing for small business is 60% more cost effective than traditional marketing means. Let’s face it, small businesses don’t have huge marketing budgets like monopolies and huge corporations do. Every single penny a small business spends on internet marketing needs to be spent effectively and efficiently. With other offline traditional marketing forms, this really isn’t the case.

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But with internet marketing and more specifically SEO, money is almost always efficiently allocated to see the highest ROI possible. A good SEO campaign typically sees an ROI well in excess of 250%–something no other marketing mean out there can brag about.

The first step to getting started with Internet marketing for small business is setting up a website. If you know a little about HTML coding you can easily build a basic website for your company, otherwise there are companies out there that can design a very basic website for just a few hundred dollars. Once your website is setup, you need to get people to come onto your site. The best way to do this is via internet marketing, which can consist of small business SEO, pay per click ads, email marketing, video marketing, and other internet marketing means.

The problem with DIY internet marketing for small business is that it can take a lot of time. If you have 3-4 hours per day to spend marketing your website then you can easily hire an internet marketing consultant to show you what you need to do and then do the work in house. But most small businesses don’t have the time to properly market their company online, so they end up hiring an internet marketing company. There’s thousands of internet marketing companies out there for small business, so it’s important to follow a few steps to choose a right one:
1) Make sure the company has a proven track record for helping small businesses
2) Make sure the company has good reviews or a good BBB rating
3) Make sure the company has been in business for a while
4) Make sure the company has referrals available
5) Make sure the company charges affordable rates for their internet marketing services

Once you find a company, it’s important to also make sure they don’t lock you in to a long term contract. You should always go month to month so you can monitor their results and change companies if need be. Internet marketing for small business can be painless if you follow these suggestions and choose a quality company.

Bio: Brendan Egan is the owner of Simple SEO Group, a small business online marketing and small business SEO company. For more information on Simple SEO Group, visit us at

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