BU vs. AU – Pages NOT Posts!

I was just asked if the new Blogging Underground 12 Step Success Strategy method of building exact keyword focused sites was better than the broader more diverse sites with lots of words that Article Underground suggested were a good way to go.

I like that… BU vs. AU

A fight to the finish!

It’s not black or white or right or wrong.

There are a lot of ways to do this thing.

A lot of them will make money.

Now, I do suggest you buy domains and focus on an exact keyword phrase for the home page and find supporting secondary keyword phrases for additional pages.

A small tight site with good supporting pages and short posts for announcing the pages focusing it’s energy and relevance onto the home page is a winning strategy.

But it’s much more complex than being a YES or NO answer.

I suggest you go to Blogging Underground ad download the free PDF “Blogs Equal Money” I have created that introduces the conceot of Pages NOT Posts. The PDF goes very deep into site structure and has some really new cutting edge theories about how to build sites that dominate Google.

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