Free Blogs Are Great For Newbies

Free Blogs Are Great For Newbies

By Mike • on January 2, 2013

If you are a newbie to blogging you should consider to start off the cheap way and get a free blog instead of investing in a domain and web hosting! With the different economies of the world struggling to recover from economic crunches, many people are really feeling the weight of such happenings in their day to day lives. To help alleviate this, different

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Duplicate listings on Google?

Duplicate listings on Google?

By Mike • on August 18, 2011

To www or not to www – redirects needed! Duplicate listings on Google? Here – look at this solution. That would dillute your effectiveness, right – if 2 identical pages are both indexed by Google for your site…. right??? A common problem for many web sites is that they are linking

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